Can a boat owner just build or change a jetty for his boat? The answer is no. The building and owning of jetties are regulated in Australia. There is a bit more to it than just owning a boat. In some instances, a jetty may be public or the property of the harbor. However, if a boat owner is looking to build his jetty or floating dock, he must know this.

Private Jetties Must be Licensed

Boat owners who want to build, change, or maintain a jetty need a license. A jetty is considered any structure that someone would use to land or launch a boat. The government definition includes wharves, grids, piers, ramps, and landing places. It is the law to apply for such a license for building or making changes to a jetty.


The Boat Owner Must Prove Eligible

Before a license will be issued, the applicant must prove eligible. Certain eligibility requirements must be complied with. These include skills and knowledge of marine navigation and safety and proof that plans have been approved by the necessary regulators. The applicant must also show that the structure will be safe and in a legal location.

There is Admin Involved

This should have been clear from the get-go. The admin involved requires the completion of a form and submission of support documents. Some of these forms are available online. There is also a license fee to be paid. The license must be renewed annually.

Boat owners looking to build or alter a jetty must keep these things in mind. To make sure that such a structure is up to code, read the relevant legislation documents. The Jetties Act 1926 and Jetties Regulations 1940 can be found online.

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