Having a pontoon boat is a great thing. There is so much versatility. From slow rides at dusk to casino parties, the opportunities are countless. When there is an adjoining jetty or floating dock, the fun can be even bigger. Safety is also important, of course. Here are a few accessories that can potentially make a pontoon boat the best place ever.

Safety Accessories

Safety must always come first. It doesn’t have to be boring or ugly though. There are so many safety accessories available that it is difficult to mention them all. A few basics are important. Look into buoys for both the jetty and the boat. Have them available all over in case of an accident. Throw in a few colourful life vests as well. Boat fenders are also good. They protect the boat from banging against hard surfaces and getting damaged. You can even get piling caps to spruce up the jetty. All of these accessories come in different colours. With all the variety, it is quite easy to be safe and colourful.

Fun Accessories

Safety is handled. Now for the fun part. Depending on personality and preference, boat owners can do almost anything to add fun. Add furniture on the boat and the jetty. Make ample use of lanterns, LED lights, and fairy lights to create an atmosphere. There are many outdoor-friendly furniture sets available. Now for the big stuff. These may not strictly be considered accessories, but here it is. Things like jet skis, water skis, kites, and so on will make family time even more fun. Hopefully, these ideas have sparked some creativity. When visiting a store to buy these accessories, the ideas will keep coming. Happy shopping and let that personality come through!

How the Pontoon Boat Is Redefining Boating


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Must-Have Accessories for Pontoon Boats and Jetties

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