Buying a pontoon boat is the first step. Maintaining it is the second step. The third step to fun is having epic parties on the boat. Take a break from play casino and have a real casino party. A pontoon boat and adjacent jetty is the perfect place to have the best parties with family and friends. Here are some ideas.

Casino Night for a Graduation Party

Fun-Events-to-Host-on-a-Pontoon-Boat-1 Take note that this is suggested for college or university graduations. What better way is there to celebrate such an accomplishment than a casino night on the water. Whether docked or sailing, this is a great idea. Rent some casino equipment and décor. Get some waiters and enjoy a night of gambling and martinis.

Water Fun Competition for a Teenage Birthday

Fun-Events-to-Host-on-a-Pontoon-Boat-2 Let’s face it. Teenagers are tough to entertain. However, a water fun day for a birthday might just do the trick. Jet skis, surfing, kayaking, swimming races, and a lot of sun. What teenager wouldn’t love that? Throw in some competition and fun prizes and it is sure to be the best birthday ever. Adult supervision should be present at all times.

Black Tie Evening for a Big Anniversary Party

Fun-Events-to-Host-on-a-Pontoon-Boat-3 On a more elegant note, the last party suggestion is a black-tie event. For a big anniversary like 40 or 50 years, this could be just the right fit. If it’s a small party, it can be done while sailing gently. If it is a bigger party, stay docked and string up fairy lights all over the jetty and boat. Where better to have an elegant event than under actual stars? Having parties on the water is the ultimate fun. No matter if it’s a birthday, graduation party, or theme party. Lots of fun will be had by all.

Fun Events to Host on a Pontoon Boat

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