The best adventures happen on the water

Pontoon boats are great for having fun and relaxing. A day in the sun on the Gold Coast is just what the doctor ordered.

Pontoon and Jetty Repairs

Pontoon and Jetty Repairs is for everyone who owns a pontoon boat or wants to. When living on the Australian Gold Coast, everyone wants one. Pontoon boats are fun. Many people have fantastic parties and family events on their pontoon boats. Some even stay docked at the jetty to allow for an even bigger party.

Pontoon and Jetty Repairs is here to inform and educate. As owners and individuals who repair them themselves have lots of first-hand experience and knowledge to share. Both new owners and existing owners and those who don’t own a pontoon yet will enjoy it here. This is the place for anyone who loves boats, water fun, and watersports.

A big part of this website is to offer advice and tips on repairs and maintenance. As with vehicles of all kinds, this can be tricky. Finding the best people with the right expertise can be a difficult process. Pontoon and Jetty Repairs make this process easier and less painful. They help to find the best people for the job.

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Pontoons and Jetties

Pontoon boats are fun, and jetties are a necessity. Learn all about buying them, repairing them, maintaining them, and much more.

Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance require expertise and the right tools. Find the best people to perform these repairs.


Both pontoon boats and jetties can be made even better with a few carefully selected accessories to up the ante.


Visit the Blog section of the website for helpful tips and advice and general information.