Pontoon boats require some owner maintenance but it’s nothing major. It is best to leave the serious stuff to the experts, anyway. Performing a few small tasks regularly will keep the boat ship-shape. Keep these things in mind to maintain the boat and avoid serious problems.

Wash and rinse the outside regularly

Water is great but it also causes damage. To avoid dirt build-up and rust, wash the boat with soap and water regularly. This will protect the boat and keep it looking good. It is also good to regularly clean the inside and keep things tidy and protected from the elements.

Check for mold on carpets

Another disadvantage of water and clammy areas is mold. Regularly cleaning should reduce the appearance of mold. However, if mold does appear on carpets or other areas, there are some products on the market that will help. Some of these may have chemicals that can cause damage to the boat, so avoid dripping or rinse the boat after use.

Avoid severe chemicals that can damage the boat

As with a car, some chemicals can cause damage to the metal, aluminum, fiberglass, rubber, or paint on a boat. When choosing soaps and other cleaning products keep this in mind. In the case of mold, really strong chemicals are needed. When these must be used, take every precaution to protect the boat’s finish.

Boat owners can also do some basic re-oiling of hinges, rollers, and brackets. This will reduce squeakiness. Any other or larger maintenance and repairs should be done by a professional. When in doubt about something, contact your maintenance guy and ask before attempting DIY. It may cause more trouble instead of solving a problem.

Pontoon Boat Safety Tips

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3 Best Care Tips for a Pontoon Boat

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